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Party Walls

The Party Wall Agreement process is a legal procedure that needs to be invoked before a building owner (the person undertaking the construction works to their property) commences their proposed work.

If you live in a semi-detached or terrace house you share a wall (or walls) with your neighbour – that wall is known as a party wall.

The Party Wall Act 1996 covers three different types of work:

  1. Works directly to a Party Wall
  2. Excavations within 3m or 6m and to a depth lower that the adjoining owner’s (the neighbour's) foundations
  3. New walls built up to, or astride, the line of junction

The Party Wall Agreement procedure exists to ensure that both the building owner and the adjoining owner are legally protected before, during and after the works and that any allegation of damage can be correctly identified.

In order to ensure this, we as Party Wall Surveyors will assess the condition of the adjoining owner's property for any existing defects and produce a Schedule of Condition to reflect this. Therefore, if there is an allegation of damage during or after the building works this will be easily identifiable.

We follow a no-nonsense approach to the Party Wall process in order to avoid any unnecessary delays or expenses.